What is a foothold trap?

Animals like skunks and opossums are a headache, arent they? Mostly you will be bothered by these pests in your yard or garden. And you decide to use foothold traps. Or that you are irritated by the annoying fox that has been having its way with your cattle and sheep. People who live in the countryside know all too well how annoying, carnivore animals like foxes, coyotes can be. 

But from what youve been told, foothold traps have metal jaws and seriously injure any animal that steps on the way. You dont want to act lethally. Youd like to deal with the problem in the most humane way possible.

How it works

Foothold traps area also famously called live-hold traps. That because unlike snap traps and body grips traps (considered deadly), foot-hold traps did not fatally injure the animal. These traps are rarely fatal, and they have the great going evidence and support to back it up.

They consist of two steel jaws connected to a spring mechanism triggered by a steel plate in between. The plate is called the pan. When an animal steps on it the jaws are released, and they spring close together. The limb that pressed the plate is caught in between, with very tolerable pain. 

Olden foothold traps?

A lot of people think that these types of traps are made of two metal jaws with shard teeth, which activate when the animal steps on the pan, causing serious injury and pain. In olden time people rarely thought about animal rights, so most of the traps created were deadly. Just as much was the foot-hold trap. The traps people normally picture when they hear above-mentioned ones from the older times.

Modern Foothold Traps?

Modern foothold traps have improved a great deal lot. Now they have round and blunt jaws, pads, and even shock absorbing springs to cause as little harm or not at all to the animal as possible. If you keep a check for their condition and status and use the right size for your need, you can rest easy that nothing inhumane is going on. Lets see their types;

Long spring traps

The generic type of these traps. A single long spring or a two are used to catch different types of animals of different sizes. Still very popular.

Coil-spring traps

The most commonly used and liked foothold traps nowadays. Small in size, efficient and very easy to hide on the ground. Can be used for almost all kinds of animals. And to the top, it all of even smaller sizes are available to deal with smaller animals. Can be easily purchased on the market.

Enclosed Footholds

These are the most modern and safe design for these traps. Mostly used to catch possums and raccoons. You can use them in your yard even around children and pets. The traps activate only after the victim puts their paw inside the trap. This almost completely avoids non-targeted catch.

Should I use it?

If you are thinking of using foothold traps to deal with animals, you are right to do so. They have proved to be really efficient and cost effective for both your house or a large area. 

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